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Personal Data Protection

1. Personal Data Protection

Privacy of our web users is particularly important to us. Below there are stated information on your personal data when visiting and buying goods through our web page. Please note that we do NOT sell or submit the data to any third parties.

2. Security and Confidentiality

All personal data are collected on basis of voluntariness and are used solely by the owner of the web – CLINITEX s.r.o. The data are limited to the minimum necessary, and are used for the identification of the buyer and proper order processing. Such data include information such as: name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail (required for order verification and customer's data). Personal data provided in the process of ordering are used for order implementation and product transport. These are NOT passed to any other companies. The customer is entitled to withdraw from the order in accordance with General Terms and Conditions stated in our web. If the order is cancelled, personal data of the customer are not processed in any way by the owner of the web. Each customer has rights under the Act on Protection of Personal Data.

3. Cooperation with Google

This web page uses service of Google Analytics. The service analyses network of Google Inc. ('Google'). Google Analytics uses 'cookies' – text files saved in the computer for the purposes of analysis of your activity on the web. Google may provide the information to third party only if it is possible to do so lawfully.

4. Cookies

Cookies are used for saving information on your personal preferences on our web page. These files keep this information: your personal preferences and automatic form filling.

5. Contact for Personal Data Protection

We'll be happy to answer your questions that do not cover the above stated information, Please send your questions through "Contact" tab.
You can use web pages www.clinitex.cz only if you agree with the above stated rules.