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Medical apparel and textiles

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Handicraft, modern design and quality materials

  • Our people – our treasure

    Our people – our treasure

    Clinitex is purely Czech clothing company. Its name is composed of two words – "clinical" and "textile". Each individual making the Clinitex team has an indelible imprint on every company's product thanks to her/his hard work. Clinitex strives to reflect safety, comfort, usefulness and distinctive design in all its products. It is a reward for us, if you feel great when dressed up in our products.

  • We are looking for ideas

    We are looking for ideas

    Being close to our customers, being honest, and able to take responsibility to provide quality to meet the needs of our customers, our products are continuously developed, and used materials, components as well as their designs are being tested. This is the only way how professional products of the top quality can be made in our workshops.

  • We are focussing on quality

    We are focussing on quality

    If you choose products made by Clinitex, you'd get the top and verified quality. It is ensured by its continuous development, careful selection of materials combined with modern designs and styles. Wearing comfort as well as the longest service life of our products are our top priorities. By continuous testing and selection of input materials we are trying to meet demanding requirements of industrial washing.


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I am aware that it is quite difficult to decide whether you'd choose just a cost effective product, or a product with real benefits, such as combination of performance and durability.

Petr Bukovski
Managing Director of the company

CLINITEX CZ - Zdravotnické oděvy a textil